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How do I register MyRocketTags?
Follow the Register/Found/Test link.  When you first register an email address we don't know, we will email you a confirmation token to enter so we can confirm your email address.  If we know your email address we won't ask again.  You can add as many different RocketTags to your account as you wish.

How do I log into MyRocketTags?
Log in using your email address registered with RocketTags (probably your normal email address) and use the RocketTags number on any tag issued to your account.

What is my password for MyRocketTags?
You don’t need one. Simply use the RocketTags code on any RocketTags assigned against your account.

Can I register more than RocketTags ID with my account?
Yes, definitely. You can have as many different tag numbers as you need. You can these your RocketTag numbers under MyRocketTags.

How do I view my RocketTags ID?

Your RocketTags ID is printed in small text on each of your RocketTags, you can also view this ID and any others you have registered at www.rockettags.com/MyRocketTags


Email info@rockettags.com