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About Us

RocketTags was established in early 2012 by founding partners Terry Dunn and Tim Stephens in response to what they saw as a fundamental problem in today's fast paced consumer electronic dominated world.

Everyone has lost an item of value, be it a cellphone, laptop computer or wallet. While the replacement cost can be significant its often the value of personal information and data that is of real importance.

The problem of lost or misplaced valuables was a simple one, and so the solution had to be simple also.

The need for a device that could be attached to ones item of value was an obvious one, but it needed to be coupled with a technology and a system that was robust and relevant.

QR Code technology was chosen as it not only supported the pragmatic requirements of the RocketTags back-end system, but it also offered the user/finder a more engaging experience through the process of scanning a RocketTag with their smart phone.

RocketTags are currently available in StickOn format, KeyChain and Luggage formats are to be released very soon. With this three main product offering there is certain to be a RocketTag to suit your application.

Manufactured in New Zealand, RocketTags ships globally to any country in the world.